Sunday, 4 August 2013


More and more people are eciding to adopt a vegeterian diet. Recent estimates suggest  that this percent has utterly grown over the years. Alothough there are some drawbacks, the tremendous benefits outweigh them.

First of all, being a vegeterian you still  get all the vitamins and proteins meat eaters can get. This is being done by eating beans and lentils. Furthermore, another advantage of following a vegetarian diet is that a healthier lifestyle is being promoted. As a result, the development of cancer is less likely to occur, so is heart disease. Not to mention that the appearence is likely to change for the better. One more potential benefit is that by being a vegetarian you discipline yourself, as you try to stay away from any meat related temptations.

But, as it has been mentioned above, a vegetarian diet has its drawbacks, as well. To begin with, being a vegetarian is not entirely convenient. Most of this type of food needs more time to be coocked. Not to forget that there are hardly any fast food restaurants found especially for vegetarians. Another disadvantage that we should consider is that of making sacrifices. Everyone knows that vegetables is not the best food to eat taste-wise.

All things considered, the benefits are much more and outweigh the drawbacks. I hope that more people choose to adopt this healthier and more ethical diet.

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