Sunday, 4 August 2013

ID Cards Or Microchips Implants?

Lately, many countries are introducing sticter regulations concerning the identity cards that citizens will be obliged to present when they want to gain access to different kinds of service. It is said that a microchip, which will contain our personal information, can replace the normal ID cards in order for our society to be developed and make our access to all the services much easier. However, some people support the fact that this microchip will violate some of our personal rights.

According to some scientists the chips will broaden our horizons and will open up possibilites for new technology such as automatic security doors for the home. This is going to make our lives simpler and easier. Moreover, it is claimed that this scheme will make the country more secured as it would be extremely difficult for terrorists to have a genuine ID, and that means that they will be isolated from our society, as they will have no access to any service. Last but not least, this system will make it harder for people commit fraud and other crimes. For instance, they will not be able to use someone else's ID to withdraw money or claim money from goverment agencies.

However, this plan has some serious drawbacks. First of all, some people are concerned that the chip could be a health hazard as it might cause serious problems to our health. Although it can be implanted easily and without pain, it can also cause some petty skin problems. In addition to that, it would not be difficult for criminals to useconcealed scanners in crowded areas, for instance, to retrieve information on people's chips. Furthemore, it is believed that the right to privacy is being eraded. Although we live on democracy now, there is no guarantee that it will last forever. If democracy gives way to dictatorship, the dictator will be delighted that everyone has a chip and all the details are kept on a central computer.

All in all, this plan has some benefits, but no one would deny that it also has some serious drawbacks. So, in my opinion it would be safer for all to use our traditional ID cards as that will help us keep our anonymity and privacy.

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