Tuesday, 3 September 2013


GM crops are plants whose DNA is modified using genetic engineering techniques .The main reason of GM crop's existance is that products like soya can be produced in larger quantities so as to tackle the world hunger and malnutrition.The question that arises is : Are GM crops a blessing or a curse?
   Proponents of GM crops claim that over the next 60 years more mouths will have to be fed and that there will not be sufficient agricultural land to satisfy this pressing need . GM crops are the only option as new crops with much greater yields have to be developed . Another important benefit of GM crops is that the quality of food can be enhanced , as it can be engineered to stay fresh for a long time . Furthermore , crops which are geneticaly modified are more resistant  to weather fluctuations . This means that sufficient yields and quality can be provided despite potentially adverse weather conditions .
  On the other hand ,detractors of GM crops insist that not enough tests have be done to prove that GM crops are healthy for humans. ANother disadvantage is that despite the abudance of food, which could fight famine and hunger , people still go hungry either because they do not have the financial ability to buy food or because they do not have land to cultivate.
  The obvious conclusion that has to be drawn is that GM crops can tackle world hunger and famine which will relieve lots of people , but we cannot be sure about the effects that GM crops have on our health. A research has   to be conducted in order to to be sure if GM crops have possitive or negative effects in our health . If the effects are positive lots of people will be relieved .

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