Monday, 2 September 2013

Genetic Modified Crops

   In recently years new crops have been created which can be produced in larger quantities and are excessively resistant. The DNA of the these crops has been modified using genetic engineering techniques.They can be used in periods of malnutrition and hunger; however, it is also claimed that they harm our health.

   A lot of countries cope with hunger and they need large quantities of food for the starving people. This can be made possible with the use of GM crops because they are more economical and more durable despite the fact herbicides, fungicides and pesticides put on the GM crops have been reduced. It is also important that weather not affect these crops . Therefore, the quality of the products will remain stable even if there are weather fluctuations. Last but not least people need to be fortified with certain vitamins. Therefore, transgenic crops can be modified as to have a kind of vitamin which can be more convenient for those people. Those crops can also be financially accessible by indigent people.

   On the other hand, many companies exploit weaker countries and sell the crops more expensively to under developed countries; as a result, their proceeds increase at the same time malnutrition in these countries soars. Furthermore, not only can GM crops trigger allergies to people, but they can also cause fatal diseases. When these crops are modified, some of the genes that are implanted in the crops can influence the health of some people if they have some particular allergies. Additionally, the fatal diseases are created in the modification of the crops because of the use of viruses and bacteria. Some people firmly believe that we should not change the DNA of  food and we have to keep it the way God gave it to us.

   To sum up, I reckon that genetically modified crops should be used in specific situations in order to suppress hunger around the world or help people who need a particular kind of vitamins.

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  1. Great essay Herc, but you forgot the final message at the end of the conclusion again! :-)