Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why students are not efficient at school

There have been heated debates about the reason why some students' performance is not adequate enough. Some people claim that this bad performance is due to the lack of facilities, for example un-equipped laboratories, or it is due to the poor condition of schools, such as the fact that teachers are not provided with many thought provoking methods. It is also claimed that this particular increasing phenomenon is formed because of the lack of individual incentive to work hard. As I see it, both reasons are reasonable and they both affect the pupils' inclination to be industrious.

To begin with, one significant factor which affects the distinguished performance that students ought to have is their own lack of motivation. Nowadays technology has seriously evolved and that means that it is an inevitable part of our daily lives. Students instead of mostly using the Internet for educational purpose, they make use of it in order to be entertained. For example, they communicate through social networking. Another case in point is that they are being continually distracted by television which provokes negative behaviour against studying. Furthermore, teenagers are being influenced by their "peers", a wide-spread phenomenon which is called peer pressure. That is, they inextricably adopt a whole new mentality, which is usually not in favor of doing well at school. Last but least, the psychological changes which occur during adolescents confuse teenagers and so they become unfamiliar with studying, as hey prefer to waste their time.

On the other hand though, the educational curriculum and the lack of facilities should be to blame too. Our system of education focuses too much on facts and figures without providing students with the opportunity of choosing subjects they wish they could emphasise on. Instead, vocational training and material by which moral principals (such as co-operation, tolerance etc.) can flourish, should be included in the curriculum. Apart from that, learners should be offered with many educational methods like kinaesthetic ans auditory methods, in order to make the lesson more stimulating and intriguing.Lastly, the absence of well-equipped classrooms and laboratories results in the deadly loss of interest by the good students.

On balance, I reckon that each one of of the reasons mentioned plays an important role, because it affects the amount of consolidation and individual incentives which students who perform badly are not equipped with. Schools should facilitate students and students should facilitate the egalitarian and informative school life.

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