Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Should pop and rock music be banned? - The positive aspects of music

For some time now, a debate has been going on about whether pop and rock music exert detrimental influence on teenagers. Although it is believed that pop's and rock's antiheroes radiate negativity through their provocative acts, I totally reckon that these kinds of music should not be banned.

To begin with, one of the reasons why pop and rock music is essential for young people is that it is more accessible than any other form of art. In recent years, an increasingly hectic schedule has dominated young people's lives, so music is a reliable means of relaxation, which can be found on the Internet with which teenagers are familiar. Apart from that, the songs convey very comprehensible messages that might contribute to turning the tide in favor of rebellion which can lead to an egalitarian society. More specifically, rock music provides political education that helps pupils develop critical thinking skills  and defend their rights, which is definitely crucial in a democracy.

Another beneficial influence of music is the fact that many adolescents may identify with eccentric or normal idols, since they go through identity crisis. That is, teenagers who have a low level of self-esteem can find opportunities to unearth their talents. In addition, music plays a significant role in socialisation, because many different teenagers are brought together in social groups which have common interests. A case in point is that misfits are able to to become parts of social movements on the grounds that these specific types of music do not require any qualities and make any judgements.

Taking all this into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that no form of music should be banned, since many straightforward and powerful messages which can strike a chord on inconsiderate citizens, can be sent to the youth in order to turn our world into a better place. 

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