Sunday, 28 June 2015

Technology and some of its uses/Writing ideas ;)

Technology is an indispensable part of our daily lives, and will be a part of our future, as well. Even if we don't realise it, we use technology almost everyday in our lives. Here are some places where many products we use are generated by technology:
  • Healthcare: Who knows what would happen if there wasn't some medicine discovered by using thecnology machines? Moreover, thing about the high-tech machines that make a better diagnosis or treatment. 
  • Science: All of us know that we send some spacecrafts to the moon or to Mars and generally to to space in order to discover if there's any life in it. How could we do that if there weren't these fully equipped spacecrafts or the exploration cameras? There also many machines that help archeologists search many places without cause damages or destroy sensitice remains.
  • Education: Technology has improved education in a high level. First of all, there are online lessons held behind a computer's monitor, so as to make education available for everyone who can't attend lessons in schools. Furthermore, we mustn't avoid the online free dictionaries, in which you can find every word you want to, instead of paying a large amount of money to buy one. And last but not least, we can not forget about the educational ways of learning, such as blogs! You can find many informative things in a computer if you search!
  • At home: Every house has many tools that help in housework, for instance the electric vacuum, drills and many other thing. In addition, our kitchens are infested with technological machines; the oven, the fridge e.t.c
  • Entertainment: Technology has improved the sector of entertainment, as well as al the other sectors. Radios that have been invented, cinemas and many other thing have improved our amusement.
  • Communication: The ways that we can communicate with each other have been rapidly increased. Mobile phones, tablets, social media have been invented to make communication easy and available for everyone! Now, we don't need to send letters because we have the text messages