Thursday, 2 July 2015

ADJECTIVE ORDER ~ A useful trick

The order of adjectives is a very important rule in grammar and it is very helpful for us to know! However, are we able to remember the exact order without a small trick? I guess no! Only if a trick is found, will we remember the adjective order! Our English teacher told us an amazing trick to remember the exact sequence in a funny and entertaining way, but firstly here are some definitions:
= Michigan mother
= Nonsense/ rude words
I absolutely liked that trick and I really wanted to share it on the blog:

As you may have understood, when Comku is naughty, his mother tells him off by telling him: "No sass Comku!!!"
If we remove an "s" from sass, a huge word arises:


  1. Vassilioula, you have turned out to be an amazing "teacher" to your classmates and readers of the blog!! Well done for making the effort to record all this so beautifully on the blog.

    1. Thank you very much for your supporting comments Ms. Christina!! However, I don't really understand the "is found" that was corrected!! Was it corrected because of the "if", so first conditional is implied?

    2. Yes, it is first conditional. However, I corrected this phrase because you had previously written 'will be arised', so both the tense and the verb used were mistaken. Arise= come up, appear (remember?) And yes, we needed present simple in the if-clause of the first conditional.

  2. Aaa thank you, I finally I realized the mistakes I had made!