Friday, 25 September 2015

TV and the Internet: Two inventions of the 20th century with dramatic impact

The 20th century, when technology overwhelmingly evolved, spawned a vast amount of new inventions, many of which have had a dramatic impact on contemporary life. Topping the list undoubtedly are television and the Internet, the advent of which triggered both positive and negative effects.

There are many significant reasons why television is a predominant invention of the 20th century. First of all, although TV constitutes a convenient means of entertainment and education, since there is a wide variety of programs and documentaries which provide us with the opportunity to have a window on the world, it is an undisputed fact that it has a handful of repercussions. More specifically, cultural globalization, which is the adoption of the same values, ideas and stereotypes by people around the world and consumerism, which refers to the compulsive habit of buying, are promoted, on the grounds that TV preaches a different gospel: seeing is believing. Subsequently, people's perception of the optimal life has been distorted. Lastly, the lure of televised image has persuaded people that words count for less. Of course, television does not just consist of pictures, but the commentary that accompanies them is so concise that t barely scratches the surface of striking issues, or at any rate helps anyone understand them. 

The other looming invention of the prior century is the Internet, which has had an enormous impact n modern life. Firstly, it is crucial we comprehend hat the Internet has an educational purpose, since we are offered with the chance to have access to a tremendous amount of information and alternative forms of teaching, for instance distant learning. Apart from that, entertainment is more convenient than ever before, because there are online social platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube, with the assistance of which everyone can spend their free time. In fact, the former contributes to the worldwide communication. However, the Net conceals many dangers. More specifically, cyber bullying (ie when unscrupulous people opt to trivialize other people's lives by unnerving them) and identity theft (ie when individuals pretend to be anyone they wish by creating a "cloned" online account) are encouraged. A case in point is that the two aforementioned phenomena may result in the psychological deviance of the victim, who may even want to commit suicide. 

Taking all this into consideration, there is no doubt in mind that despite the fact that neither television,  nor the Internet have had downright positive effects on our lives, they constitute the two inventions of the 20th century of which we can reap the benefits. Only if we utilize them wisely and in moderation, will we be able to eliminate their repercussions. 

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