Friday, 25 September 2015

Teenagers and boundaries


  • What do you think about the idea that teenagers need more guidence from adults and a stricter environment in which to grow up? How do you think it might feel to be the parent of an adolescent? 

  • Teenage life is a period of time relating to those who are aged thirteen through nineteen years old. This specific period of time , as adolescents grow up, is too tough for both teens and parents. Teenagers act in a very confusing and abnormal way, which makes their parents reaction, often full of tension. This phenomenon is based on one undoubtedly significant factor which is the release of hormones in their bodies.This release sometimes makes adolescents aggressive, restless and competitive. While teenagers grow up they feel more independent and they firmly bilieve that teenage life is their rebelion period for not being any more kids and immature. But is this statement correct? In my opinion it is not. First of all adolescents can't recognise the urgent problems that they face, as their parents do. Teenagers are very stubborn in their decisions and many times when no one agrees with them they feel loneliness and this is a symptom of alienation. The only solution to this problem is guidance from parents,talking to them and the most essential, teenagers must try to controle their nerves and flash on the true problems. In addition, of course bountaries set by parents must exist, but in a normall way which doesn't make their children feel restricted. Finally as a teenager I am not much experienced to tell if being a teenagers parent is so tough but as I can picture in my mind, it is a very special role with full of responsibilities, friction between children but also a special period of time trying to prepare your children realise how to be a faultless adult in the feuture.