Saturday, 10 October 2015

English as a global language

       English is becoming used more and more everyday as indigenous languages die. People believe that when languages die, their civilization and customs die too. Some others believe that we should all speak the same language in order to have an easier communication. In this way, the ignore the culture that with great efforts other people created. 
       From the ancient years, different languages were created. People tried to communicate with other civilizations and also evolve theirs. Nowadays, people affected by languages such as English. Therefor, they can easily travel abroad, but also they boost their intelligence and thinking skills.
       People especially immigrants and refugees are trying to learn the language, traditions and history of a country in order to assimilate in this country. As a result, they forget their cultural traditions, customs, music or film tastes which directly affect their civilization. Also because of the globalization in the next years, every country will have the same tastes of music or clothes, but they will also not have any difference.
       In conclusion, I firmly believe that every country should not be affected by others, as they have their own language and their own cultural identity. People should all learn other languages and know other civilizations without ignore their roots.

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