Saturday, 3 October 2015

Home Schooling

There has been a great deal of heated debate about the purpose of home schooling. Many families, these days, are trying to offer their children a different form of education which will bring more freedom to the youngsters. For some people, the overriding priority should be to go to school to get educated. For others, education must be centered on students needs and intersets and so must home schooling. So, is it wise for society to let parents or private tutors teach the children? As I see it, every coin has two sides.

To begin with, there is no doubt in my mind that home schooling can be a successful alternative. Firstly, home education provides students with flexibility to choose which subjects they will focus on and that enables them to assimilate things easier. Moreover, parents lay emphasis on the child's difficulties and inclinations. Not only does it encourage personal growth, but it also helps to avoid school problems, such as peer pressure or bullying. It needs to be pointed out that private lessons are responsible for keeping the family together. Since the activities can be interactive, they will raise awareness and the attention of the child. Furthermore, some parents want their children to be brought up with certain beliefs and alternative education now has a way to achieve that.

However, there are a lot of significant disadvantages. First and foremost, home education cannot be seen as a legal form of education even though 1.7 million American families seem to prefer it. Therefore, not going to a regular school means that the child may not be properly socialized, which means he or she will not have a lot of friendships and not be independent individual. Making matters worse, parents may neglect some subjects and this will not help their offspring academic achievements. Also, parents may not have the proper teaching or mental skills to teach their child and since this is a time-consuming process, it can delay them from fulfilling other obligations they may have.

After carefully considering the pros and cons, is seems to me that the advantages are outweight by the disadvantages. Although some people might claim that home schooling is benefitial, I would say that parents and children must consider it carefully before going down this path.

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