Saturday, 17 October 2015

Peer pressure

            Nowadays, lots of adolescents are getting influenced by peers to change their way of thinking, their beliefs and their behaviour. This is called "Peer Pressure".
            First of all, peer pressure has negative impacts on teenagers' lives but also on their psychology. Adolescence is a tough period for them so they feel the need to fit in and to be accepted. Teenagers are trying to change their personality and their personal opinion in order to agree with the opinion of the peer group. But what happens when a teenager can't fit in? A possible rejection from the peer group could cause a lot of problems on their psyche. They may feel they will never fit in another group or make any new friends. Also, peer groups can easily influence them not to study. This fact has negative impacts on their marks and parents may react. Last but not least, they have to drink alcohol or smoke as other peers do. Adolescents want to experiment with all these kind of things but they ignore the tremendous problems they can cause in their health.
            Our community and parents should all help these young people to form their identity and to make their own personality. Most parents may react when they see that their child is depressed so they are trying to have a conversation with their teen, but lots of teenagers refuse to talk with their parents. As they say they are mature enough to make decisions and to understand what is good or bad. Many conferences all around the world are necessary so we can all help both parents understand what is the situation like but also we should advise adolescents and inform them of the problems they may face in their life.
            Taking everything into consideration, I believe that as a society we have to deal with the vital problem called "peer pressure" and whatever other psychological problems may be caused on teenagers' lives. We should inform adolescents that they have their own personality, opinion and personal beliefs and that they shouldn't change in order to fit in to a bad influencial peer group.

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