Thursday, 15 October 2015

What is Education?

There has been a great deal of heated debate about what form education must have. Is it just about book learning, or is it also about preparing children to be part of society? In fact, many believe that education must be layed on learning facts and figures whereas others support that education should be used to cultivate behavior. Hence, I believe that every coin has two sides and so does education.

There are many significant reasons why facts and figures are predominant at school. First and foremost, few people would deny that a solid basic education is needed to understand current events as is technology. Nowadays, technology is an inevitable part of our lives and there are more and more scientific breakthroughs. Furthermore, education is vital for jobs. Not only, does school help the child to assimilate new vocabulary and grammar, but it also provides the students with qualifications needed for a future job. Also, with education our literacy and numeracy skills can be elevated which is an important fact for whatever path we choose to follow in the foreseeable future. Finally, learning history not only provides the student with valuable information about culture and customs, but it warns us about the dangers of repeating past mistakes.

There is, however, another side to consider. That is education's role in teaching children to get along in today's society. The child must learn how to behave properly and communicate with. If not, the child may not be prepared to intergrate into society and can feel extraneous. Moreover, the child should be taught how to behave in different situations (work,home etc). Also have critical thinking and be able to stand for yourself is crucial. If this can be achieved, psychological problems like desperation and having low self-esteem which are caused by peer pressure can be avoided. All these, can prepare a child to finally become a responsible adult.

On balance, I strongly believe that society must lay emphasis on both sides. Learning facts and figures is important for our future. but learning how to be part of society is another side that education must be centered on.

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