Saturday, 28 November 2015

Pop and rock music

                  For some time now, a debate has been going on about whether pop and rock music exert harmful influence on adolescents and whether they should be banned.
                   To begin with, one of the reasons why music is important for young people is that teenagers are trying to explore the new world of adulthood through music. They choose songs whose lyrics can express the problems that they have in their everyday life. Furthermore, music and especially pop and rock music is one of the most famous and accessible to all people. Teenagers see the singers and musicians as the perfect idol, so they become familiar with them. Except from this, most of pop and rock songs convey very positive messages about the world around us and people's mentality, which help them form their identity. Also, listening to pop and rock music helps them become familiar with literature, as many songs of these types of music are based on poetry turned into music.
                    Secondly, another beneficial influence of music is that is an outstanding way to relax. In recent years, young people's lives have been dominated by an increasingly hectic schedule and it has become more and more difficult for them to relax. By listening to music, they are free to relax, they can easily fall asleep and also they can express their feelings because most of songs seem to ease their pain that they may feel because of the identify crisis. Lat but not least, music is worldwide used as the best entertainment. If you go to a cafe or shopping, you will listen to music in the shops so their outing may be more entertaining and interesting.
                     Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that music should not be banned and neither the versions of it. Pop and rock songs convey very positive messages that might contribute to making the world a better place. Also, music helps adolescents to form and strengthen their character.

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