Saturday, 28 November 2015

Time capsules

                 As the second millennium drew to a close, many people made their own personal time capsules-that is, they put items they believed were typical for their life and times into a waterproof container, which they buried in hopes that it would be found by future generations. But what picture would I want to give future generations? 
                 To begin with, the first item I would include would be a magazine or a newspaper's front pages with major headlines to see the covers of this age and learn about the news and current affairs. People would be very interested in learning about the past historical and sports affairs and awards that worldwide famous people have won.
                  Other items I would include would be an encyclopedia as a reminder of their descent, but as a reminder of the past too. In an encyclopedia you can learn a variety of new things such as the customs and traditions of your country or major historical points that shocked our society. Moreover, another idea is writing a letter in which we can express our opinion about our social life. In this way whoever found the capsule would understand our try for a better future.
                   Taking everything into consideration, I can only hope that future generations will also read everything that people put into these time capsules.

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