Saturday, 2 April 2016

GM crops

         Nowadays, with the technological advances it is easier for scientists to increase food production by altering the genes of basic foods. Proponents of this issue usually claim that it is the only alternative to remedy hunger which torments all the world. However, opponents of this issue doubt whether the benefits are worth the possibly disastrous consequences of interfering with nature. Personally, I believe that this is an ambivalent plan and many parameters should be considered to reach a final conclusion.
         To begin with, suporters of GM crops claim that with them we can face the essential problem of malnutrition and hunger. A huge amount of people are starving and the list of these people keeps rising. Due to this, proponents of genetic modified crops believe that is the only solution to this problem. Their opinion is mostly based on predictions that were made saying that the following years more than four billion people will starve and that our planet does not have the necessary land which we will need to feed everyone.
         On the other hand, GM foods are usually a subject of protests in which many organizations and opponents of them take part. The key areas of these protests are not only the effects of GM crops on human health but also on environment. Many people argue that not enough tests have been done to identify the long-term effects of GM food on our health. Some of them fear that certain GM crops may cause health problems ranging from allergies to kidney and liver damage. Only if this is true, will a vast majority of people be opposed to it. Furthermore, another reason for critisizing this new crops is that for some people it is unethical to tamper with the DNA of organisms even if we talk about humans' DNA or vegetables'. Last but not least, hunger and famine can, and often do, occur when food is abundant. People go hungry either because they cannot afford food or because they do not have access to land which they could grow themselves.
          Takig everything into consideration, I am inclined to maintain that genetic modified crops  should not be used until more researches are done in order to see the effects they have on humanity's health and also on our environment, No sooner will more researches have been done than more people will accept GM crops and, as a consequence, hunger and malnutrition will be surpassed.

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