Saturday, 2 April 2016

Parents who push their children to succeed

          Many parents every day press down on their children to succeed in several things, such as, sports, musical instruments, singing etc. Most of them claim that children are not mature enough to make choices about their life. However, others argue that this strategy is not right for children because they cannot have the freedom of choice and that they may be indecisive in the future. Every coin has two sides and so does this problem.
          First of all, a large amount of people claim that they know how to protect their kids and what is best for them, so they try to help them. Parents believe that they have the charge to navigate their children on the correct road. Moreover, children's unawareness of life habits and immaturity usually make them make decisions which they regret afterwards.
         On the other side, problems in future life, like, inability to decide which is the best option or never discover a talent, are possible. Parents usually have the tendency or even insist on their children to do whatever they did not do when they were young. In this way, they pressure kids into making wishes and dreams, that parents had, come true. Consequently, parents should help children find the road but children have to choose the journey and the destination. Also, as a result of this, children will recognise the importance of personal decisions and setting goals. Furthermore, pressure by parents may make it difficult for the child to explore his talents. We should not forget that there is a possibility that someone may have a huge talent in musical instruments, for example, guitar and he may never know it because parents told him to go swimming. In such a way their dreams may never come true. Last but not least, if parents want their child to be one of the best and most successful person, they should talk to him about the importance of fair play. Otherwise, he will have rivalry with his classmates or colleagues,
         Taking everything into consideration, my firm belief is that children have mainly the responsibility of their choices according to their skills and character. Parents should not inflict their choices on their children but they should hear and accept their childrens' decisions.

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