Friday, 1 April 2016

Sentences with gerunds and infinitives

Verbs + -ing form

  1. He can't help eating chocolate.
  2. I will postpone having an appointment with the doctor.
  3. They keep on learning about Greek history.
  4. I adore studying English.
  5. She suggests planning a trip to London.

Verbs + full infinitive

  1. John yearns to eat ice cream.
  2. She vowed to keep the secret.
  3. We opted to take this way.
  4. I hope to find the money you need,
  5. This person deserves to win an award.

Verb + object + full infinitive

  1. I begged him not to reveal the secret.
  2. The story inspired the poet to write a poem.
  3. She permitted you to go out.
  4. They motivate us to do our best.
  5. Mary urged them to go for a walk.

Verb + object + -ing form

  1. I caught him reading my messages.
  2. He found her hiding behind a tree.

Verb + object + -ing or bare infinitive

  1. We overheard them talking about a treasure.
  2. I saw him eat all the cake.
  3. I heard him command them to go to their offices.

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