Thursday, 21 June 2018

Food and Alientation nowadays 

The very intriguing and timely subject of this specific talking concerns the alientation and food habits that moslty children and adolescents have nowadays whose vast majority is undoudtedly disappointing.

Jamie Oliver, the speaker is a very seasoned and experienced chef  on anything as far as food and cooking is concerned and I firmly agree with him that we all have to take a little bit of time to consider which the last time was that we actually  scheduled strictly our diet. Really there is no need to be exaggerating or eating solely salads and fruit, but everyone needs to contemplate on their unhealthy food choices and actually start adopting a healthier lifestyle involving physical activities in order to feel better with themselves and avoid feeling ashamed of their appearance or affecting their health in harmful way . To conclude,I definitely recommend hearing and paying attention to this thought-provoking speech.

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  1. Great choice of video, Andrew! Yes, proper nutrition nowadays are severely neglected and it was high time somebody put forward certain proposals! We are going to discuss healthy lifestyle extensively in class. so keep those thoughts and get ready to elaborate on them!