Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Reading techniques in the exams

Basic reading strategies

 1. Skimming – quickly read the text to get the main ideas (the gist)- how?- look at the introduction, the title, the topic sentence of each paragraph (first sentence)

 2. Scanning – quickly read to find a detail- how?- search for key words/phrases

 What to do with unknown words
1. Read the sentences before and after.
2. Think of words in the same family.
3. Figure out what part of speech it is, based on its suffix or place in the sentence.
4. Guess its meaning according to what the sentence is intended to say.
5. Worst-case scenario: ignore it, guess what information may fill this gap and move on.

Advanced exams reading tasks and how to deal with them (You need to have skimmed the text before you do any of the following activities.)

Multiple-choice questions
a. Skim the text.
b. Underline keywords in the question (at first, read the questions only, not the answers).
c. Spot the key words (or their synonyms) in the text – this is where the answer is.
d. Read all options and choose the correct answer that is true based on the text and not your general knowledge. Also make sure your chosen answer matches the question you are answering.

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