Sunday, 29 July 2018

Stress and how to cope with it

  There is no doubt that people nowadays are members of an extremely stressful worlf with a lot of problems that each individual has to deal with."Stress" is one of those words that provokes a considerable nymber of discussions. Why are people, in our era, so anxious and stressed about everything? I am inclined to believe that the main cause of stress is the constant mind-wandering thoughts. Every human being is worried about different things, in particular living up to expectations, being competitive or planning the future. Needless to say that the intensive and demanding daily routine makes people feel inundated and overwhelmed. A stressful way of living can have many effects on people who try to cope with it in different ways.
  Stress might have perilous effects on a person. To start with, many psychological problems, such as depression, can be caused by this way of living. People's mind whizzes like a washing machine without stopping to appreciate the present moment,which causes unhappiness and makes people feel lost in thoughts about their problems. Consequently, they feel depressed and agitated. Secondly, being stressed distract a person and do not allow them to focus, due to continuous thinking of problems. Hence, even the easiest problem, like what to cook for dinner, is magnified and seems to be very difficult.
  Individuals try to deal with this higly debatable issue in many ways. However, sometimes they do it mistakenly. A striking example of this is resorting to  taking medicine in order to become calm and relaxed. To make matters worse, some people, who cannot find an effective treatment, turn to drugs or alcohol for escaping from their problems and their thoughts.Apart of this way of dealing with stress some people just do nothing. They try to omit and forget the things that cause them stress by burying themselves in work or pretending that they are mindful.Although they might get rid of stress, it is unfortynately temporary.
  As far as positive ways of facing anxiety are concerned, I am convinced that everyone could find an effective way. Meditation could be a succesful way to solve this problem. In fact, with meditation people learn how to pause their mind and being appreciative of the present moment, this is where happiness stems from. It is obvious that it is preferable to learn how to be mindful as a prevention and not as a remedy. Last but not least, other steps could be suggested. This is clearly illustrated by discussing with their family, friend or even with an expert.
  In the light of this evidence, there is no absolute answer to the question of why people nowadays feel stressed and how they can deal with it successfully. From my poiont of view, every idividual has a different way of facing stress which would be effective. I streongly believe that all of us should find it, in order to make world a less stressful place to live in.

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