Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Remains of the Blazing Destruction in Greece

 In the face of these unexpected and totally detrimental events we must all take some time and contemplate about this issue seriously. It is really important that we manage to point out the causes and factors leading to this extreme destruction and all these lives being vanished in vain , in order to try and prevent another extremity such as this one . Personally , I accuse the government of not enforcing its own legislations and being totally incompetent of handling a proper rescue that wouldn't involve so many innocent lives lost due to irresponsibility. Probably , the citizens also share a piece of responsibility in building unofficial and illegal buildings without any authorization, which however could be avoided if the goverment wasn't so "flexible" and in other words indifferent .     In a nutshell , it was a tragedy of massive dimensions  caused both due to irresponsibility and bad luck , yet no matter how much we criticize the situation what's done is done . Now all that remains is ashes and mourning.

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