Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Fire and ashes in Greece

The last days Greek people are shocked with the final and one of the most destructive blazes in Greece’s history.This blaze killed more than 100 people and more than 300 are in hospital.In addition, this blaze not only wounded people physically but also provoked the the mental collapse of the relatives of the injured people and the whole Greece’s people,too.I have to point out that this hazardous and painful event is fortunately over.However,the point is that it's not time for blaming anyone about it,but we have to support the wounded people and find solutions like we can provide them a new home to live in.After we deal with this situation, then we 'll be ready to put the blame to the responsible one.As far as finding  τthe offender is concerned, it is obvious that the majority is going to put the blame on the government as usual.In other words,it strikes me that inhabitants have to take on their own responsibilities.Nonetheless,we have to congratulate the 300  firefighters for risking their lives fighting with flames and for their courage.All in all, Greece is still deploring for the death of the people burnt in fire but now we have to turn over a new leaf and also try to prevent the next attempt of causing such a tragic incident.

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