Wednesday, 1 August 2018

A national tragedy

   More than 80 people have been killed after Greece's worldfire hit a region in Athens called Mati.The fire broke out on the afternoon of 23rd July.There is no absolute answer to the controversial questions of how the fire started and if the authorities did their best in order to save as many as possible human lives.
  Dry and windy weather provoked favorable conditions for the fire to spread fastly.For decades, illegally built homes in wooded areas have raised concerns even as the government, which allowed owners to pay light fines to enter into regulation. The disregard for rules and regulations that has often plagued Greece may have contributed to a disaster that not everyone is convinced was natural.All in all, both government and residents should be blamed for this devastating fire.The only thing that now can be done is redesign the areas with arbitrary constructions or demolish them to prevent our country from future more destructive fires. Unfortunately,though, it is too late now to say sorry to people whose relatives and properties were burnt and became ash.

This is a sketch made by Arkas dedicated to the 2 twin girls who were burnt alive.The caption says:Have a nice trip to a better world...

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