Wednesday, 1 August 2018

How easily human negligence can become a lethal weapon.

Monday 23 July 2018.It was ought to be a normal day for the permanent and temporary residents of Mati and other regions like all the others.People woke up,went to their jobs,stayed home, went to the beach. A total boring day someone would say.But suddenly everything changed.The beautiful scenery of the dreamy sea view was now transformed into a terrestrial hell.Wherever you looked you saw fire and death. Dead animals,trees,people...The new reality for those people was worse than war. Fire was an enemy impossible to beat and the pine cones were transformed into bombs.In next to no time everything was gone: their houses,their property that they had worked all their lives for was  ashes.The only thing that they could do is run for their lives.The only place that they might have the chance to escape was the sea.But they did not know the way because no one informed them. Some managed to arrive at the beach; some others did not....
But what if all this could be prevented? What if an evacuation plan existed? How many lives could be saved? May  30 or 40 or 90.This plan was worth the effort at least if it saved one life.Also what if everything that blocked their way was legally built in order to secure public safety.So many reasons so many ways to prevent them.But in the aftermath, nothing will be done if no one tries to change.

Aerial view of the area after a wildfire, in Mati

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