Friday, 29 October 2010

composition about prejudice and stereotypes!

Hi  John,
How are you? Are you still ill? I hope not! Last week we had a very interesting lesson in our English school. I wanted you to know what we have done and also learn this information.
     We have talked about tolerance, prejudice and bias. What is more, we have discussed about stereotypes, racism and sexism. Tolerance is the act of being open-minded and willing to accept difference. As Dalai Lama said:''In the practice of become tolerant, one's enemy is the best teacher'', which means that your enemy can help you become tolerant and open to difference. Some factors that cause difference are race/colour , origin, culture/societal differences, appearance, age, religion , politics and ,last but not least, health. Prejudice means that you have a fixed opinion before meeting Sb or learning about a situation. Prejudice causes fear, ignorance, hatred. Prejudice ,moreover, exists in group attitudes like family, school, basketball team e.t.c. Examples of biases are racism, sexism, nationalism and ageism. That happens because all kinds of convictions cause difference.It is very difficult to co-exist with other races and other cultures.
Stereotype is an exaggerated belief/image or distorted truth of somebody or a situation. Stereotypes resist changes. People and especially kids ;earn the stereotypes and the biases by picking them up which means learning them subconsciously by what other people say. Many people live in the margin , without any reason. In general prejudices, stereotypes ad biases cause discrimination and discriminatory behaviours. However, people must be egalitarian that is ,treat everyone as equal because everyone has the same rigths.
   All in all, people, especially youngsters must monitor their behaviour and not discriminate among other people. People all over the world, have the same rights and all must be regarded as equal. But don't forget! Everyone has the same rights , but nobody is the same. Everyone is unique, as the song ''One'' from U2, said. If you haven't listened to it , do it. And pay attention to the lyrics. Something to finish my e-mail: ''Strength is not only in the similarities , but also in differences''
             I hope you enjoyed reading about all these aspects of our lives.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson. Don't forget to do the exercises!
                                                                                                                                                Helen :-)


  1. That's a great post, Helen! I can see you have understood everything we discussed in class. :)

  2. Yes it was one from the most interest lessons i have ever had!!!i have enjoed that and also i learn and new words not only in eglish, but also in greek!...

  3. Haha, exactly Helen! I am now looking forward to our Sunday meeting!