Thursday, 30 June 2011

My interests :-)

Well, it is a fact that I have a vast number of interests. Fist of all, i love playing basketball, which is my passion since i was 7 years old.When I play basketball ,I identify with all the famous players and I' m trying to be as good as they are.
Secondly, I love playing the piano, as it takes me over the moon and relaxes me.
I prefer playing Greek melodies, such as my favourite band's songs. What is more, I am into playing kick-boxing due to the fact that it helps me let off steam and also releases my stress or anger.Another interest of mine is listening to music which makes me still and calm. In addition, I like reading books because I can learn new vocabulary and improve my English. Last but not least, I like blogging,as we can exchange opinions, learn new words and make new friends.
All in all, I am an overly active person, but I have a whale of time and enjoy myself.

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