Monday, 18 July 2011


The following report relates to my recent visit to two language schools: the ''Learn and play'' and the ''Teaching home'', which I believe we should recommend on our brochure.

Size and location
The ''Learn and play'' is a roomy school,as it is centrally located. Unlike ''Learn and play'', ''Teaching home'' is a nice school on the outskirts of town.It may be considered to be a little off the beaten track but is well worth having your kids taught there. The classes can take a small number of children up to seven students.

''Learn and play'' includes a vast array of facilities. Firstly internet access is offered, so students are likely to investigate information or learn easily. Furthermore, the headteacher has the conception to organise excyrsions with students. What is more there is a library, a laboratory and a video room.
   Although ''Learn and play'' has a massive number of facilities, ''Teaching home'' has a list of useful facilities. To begin with there is free internet access and space available so that students can have their laptops.

Whereas ''Learn and play'' has a variety of teachers, ''Teaching home'' has 3 teachers who are effective and teach discipline to their students. They are also well qualified,a s there is the ''one to one style'' of teaching.

My overall opinion is that, even though the two schools are very different, I have no hesitation in recommending both of them to students.

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