Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vocabulary calendar!!!!!!

1. The lonely woman was attracted by his irresistible smile.
2. They were reluctant to clean the garden.
3. It is true that beauty is not only subjective , but also superficial.
4. His position was not as prestigious as the ones of the other colleagues.
5. The deathly silence made the two friends break down.
6. Yoy don' t have to downplay his skills.
7. Tina was like a storm in a teacup because she didn' t want to take the bus and go back home.
8. From  this restaurant, I could see the skyline of London.
9. It wasn't fair that he won the cup! He was inferior to her!
10. Squeeze your T-shirt because it's very wet.
11. There are chips of glass on the floor so be careful.!
11. It feels like home! It's so comfortable here!
12. There were many wrecked ships on the sea floor.
13. Tina always adheres to the rules and she doesn't take any initiatives.
14. Their relationship wasn't substantial. This is the reason why they broke up last week.
15. They didn't pay the loan of their home,so eviction was imposed on them.
16. He gave her a glaring look.
17. He wanted to talk to her but at the end he got cold feet.
18. Lisa has to chill out. She is nervous all the time!
19. He tried to buy off the policeman, but finally he got a fine.
20. He is falling about all the time. Some people may find it annoying but I like it, as he is one of the happiest people I know!
21. How come you didn't go to the lesson? I thought it was compulsory!
22. This is the crux subject we have to discuss. Let's start!We have a lot things to do!
23.  He tried to squeeze meeting her in his busy program.
24. She was dressed completely plainly.
25. These drawings in your test are superflous.
26. I think you should watch your manners.It is rude to leave the table like this!
27. I am fond of children but I can't stand cheeky children.
28. As a token of appreciation, he gave her a valuable gift.
29 Speaking in an  impertinent way is a recurrent attitude of his.
30.It's not like Tom to get held up at his job.
31. It' not to my liking to go shopping.


  1. Some of today's new words!!! I am sure you are going to remember them now! :-)

  2. Yes... I can see improvement from the time being..

  3. I finished the vocabumary calentar!!!Here it is...

  4. Ready Helen! Great work! Can't you see now that you remember the words more easily?