Friday, 2 September 2011

Life in the future...

    There is no doubt that life it the second half of the 21st century will be much easier. In my view, the transformation will be particularly striking in education and in medicine. If I were asked to peer into my crystal ball, here's what I think I'd see.
     For starters, I would see a world where education will be alternative. In other words, I believe taht computers will exist as educational means, therefore e-classrooms and e-books will also be involved. This means that lessons will take place at home and so children will not have to commute. Furthermore, another theory is that robot teachers will replace today's teachers. As for me, this in not the ideal solution, as they do not have feelings, needs or interests and so they cannot understand their students. If this happened, learning would be automatized and it wouldnot be individualised. It is even conceivable taht school and its classrooms will remain, but computers will be and integral part of them.
    The other field where major transformations will occur is in medicine. To begin with, medicine without the use of drugs, which is called homeopathy, will be dominant on the future. What is more,online prescriptions can be used, by patients who cannot go to doctors. Some people also claim that robot doctors will be useful n the future. Also knowledge and food pills will help us. But as far as I am concerned, this has negative aspects, too. If everyone took knowledge pills, we would not study at all, as we would be all the same. So when thinking it meticulously, it is not the best idea, is it?
    Of course, nobody can say for syre what the future will bring, but at least in the areas education and medicine the future will certainly enatil new and better innovations.

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