Sunday, 9 October 2011

Composition,test 5, Michigan practise test. Title: A BIG LET DOWN

    I used to think that friends were ''true-blue'' and would never let you down. I found out differently, however, when my good friend Magia let me down last year.
      Magia, was one of my best friends. We were members of the same basketball team and we had known each other for 5 years. I knew that I could trust her and I was sure that I could confide my secrets in her.One day, however (avoid reusing the same linking word), she called me up and told me that the boy I liked was fond of her and that she liked him, too. I realised that she was about to show her true colors. Magia knew that I was in love with that boy, but that did not stop her.
   At first, I felt it was a bitter pill to swallow.I just could not believe it!Then, I promised to myself that I could never trust anyone! Magia was finally a ''fair-weather'' friend. Not until I saw them together, did I realise what had happened. I was crying for 2-3 days. After months, of not even wanting to see Magia,I learnt to take the bitter with the sweet.This made me understand that not everyone is a real friend and from now on I will decide who I am going to trust. (the lessons you learnt form your conclusion)
   In retrospect,  I had an awful experience which, nevertheless, taught me what true friendship is. All in all, every cloud has a silver lining.


  1. I ve done the composition, but I think is a bit short!!!

  2. Then what are you wairing for? Fix it and then I'll correct it! :)

  3. Bravo, Helen, for hurrying to write the composition on the blog just to be punctual with handing in your essay, but I think you rushed too much! The composition is too small, the main body is not developed properly and the division of paragraphs, especially towards the end, is not correct. There are many grammatical mistakes which I did not expect from you, too! Would you like to rewrite it or add some sentences to improve it? I am sure you can do much better! :-)