Sunday, 2 October 2011

New mission! :-)

Create vocabulary quizzes for your classmates, using some of the newly taught words. The questions should be in the official exam format. Publish them when they are ready on the class blog.

e.g. When he realized he was late for the lesson, he started apologizing  ______ .
a. abundantly    b. profusely   c. extraordinary   d. insignificantly


  1. @Christina Great idea!! There's no better way to learn something than to teach it.

    @C2 students Have fun trying to 'trick' your fellow classmates ;) . Keep studying... hard work always pays off. Have a great school year!!

  2. Thank you Smaragda for your comment. As you may have seen, we managed to 'deceive' some classmates, hopefully some readers,too, hehehe! I assure you that all of the writers of this blog work really hard to achieve the desirable aim! We wish you and your students the best of luck in the upcoming exams!