Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Surveillance - Reading Task

I have found a very interesting article on the topic we have been discussing lately:


After reading it, write a few words about the new types of technology the British government is considering to use in order to stop terrorism. Do you think these devices are effective? Will they deter terrorism or simply invade the privacy of the citizens?

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  1. The British Goverment is about to place on the streets a vast amount of latest technology surveilance cameras, in order to deter terrorism. These surveilance devises will be placed in every street so as to check every individual's moves.
    The first type of camera is one that is capable of reading the lips. As a result, the authorities are going to "read" the lips of the people, and get in action if they realize anything unusual.
    The other kind of camera, used for detecting terroristsis is the so-called "X-Ray firing camera". It will be used so as to check under everyones clothes for weapons.
    The third kind of camera will be used to scan everyone's face and seek his criminal record in the system's databases.
    Last but not least are the behavior cameras that are already placed in terminals. They are used to alert the authorities when a suspicious behavior is detected.
    Although, they seem to make our lives safer and more convenient, I believe that they will not have the anticipating results. They are just going to invade our daily life with no result at all, mainly because a lot of stuff need to be hired in order to motiror the streets.

  2. Well done, Helen! Some corrections... in order of the appearance of the tiny mistakes! :-)

    **if they detect anything unusual
    *** terrorists
    ****check everyone's clothes
    *****Last but not least, there are...
    ******Although (without a comma after it)
    *******staff (=employees) needs to be hired in order to monitor (stuff= things)

  3. The topic of this article is: the new types of technology that British Government is considering to use in order to stop terrorism.
    So,here are presented six technological findings(Talking/Shouting cameras, X-Ray firing cameras,Eavesdropping cameras,Face scanning cameras,Behaviour monitoring cameras and Lip Reading Surveillance Cameras)that are used in England,in order to track and identify terrorists and criminals.
    First of all,after reading this article i have to say that,all these surveillance devices (Talking/Shouting cameras,X-Ray firing cameras,Eavesdropping cameras,Face scanning cameras,Behaviour monitoring cameras and Lip Reading Surveillance Cameras),in the manner they presented,seem to be devices of terrorism, and not devices which are going to monitor terrorists and criminals.However,the original idea could be useful in order to identify terrorists and criminals,but certainly not to this extent. Such devices should help the police doing their job,but they should not replace the police's job.The other citizens are not obliged to be subjected to such a threatening way of surveillance.Freedom is one of the human Righs and nobody should invade in other people's life in a way like that.
    Finally,the specific article gives food for thought whether we are free or not in our society,and i believe that nowdays we can not really feel free anymore, because things have changed so much over the years.We are slidding down a slippery slope,the crime has increased and only the police or security agents could help the society from terrorists and criminals, by being everywhere and be activate quickly..

  4. Wow, that is a great first comment, Mary! I've only got a few corrections:

    - The personal pronoun I is always capital, even within a sentence.
    - in the manner they ARE presented
    - help the police DO their job
    - human righTs
    -food for thought ABOUT
    - we CANNOT really feel
    - could cleanse our society of terrorists
    - and being activated

    Well done, once again! I can't wait to see more posts coming from you! :-)