Thursday, 3 November 2011

November vocabulary Calendar!! (I hope it will be my last one)

1. The coach was clocking the athlete’s performance and at the end of an extremely hard-working day the athlete finally attained the desired time so as to participate in the Olympic Games.
2. His associate asked him to work round the clock for one day so as to finish the project before the deadline. When he heard that, he got ticked off and behaved as if he were possessed.
3. The man possesses an ability to read everyone’s lips.
4. It was such a poignant moment when she got informed of her son’s death. The police called her to inform (announce) that sadly, her 20-year-old son, who she had doted on, was dead. (spine chilling!)
5. She always buys a lot and lives lavishly, and most of her clothes are unique. As a result she is very possessive about her clothes and never lets anyone (without to) wear them.
6. The Company’s boss (president) is totally impertinent. He has been continuously belittling his employees who usually get told off with no reason. As a result, they have revolted against him.
7. The earth needs 24 hours to rotate once on its axis but it needs 365 days to revolve around the sun.
8. He is such an obstinate person; his couch and the floor had a few speckles of paint; he blamed his nephew without any proof and he made him wash out/rinse out the paint from the furniture and scrub the floor with a brush.
9. This year our yield was extremely prolific, because of the good weather. But in North Greece the soil dried out and the plants withered because of the heat.
10. His wife ruminated on her husband’s cheat for weeks, but she couldn’t figure out what to do. In no way did she want to get a divorce, because she was afraid of fending for herself and pay her own way; so her best friend suggested leaning on her advice and ironing out their problem immediately.
11. She scorned and underrated her colleague because she didn’t think that her associate was qualified for the promotion. But, at last, he was the one who became the manager.
12. She suffered from irreparable damage (injuries) after she fell down the stairs. She shouldn't have walked down the stairs in the sheer dark.
13. We should all pay our respects to her. (give it to her= acknowledge her good work) Since she got a job here, the company is thriving. She has all the qualifications and she works relentlessly; she has impeccable manners, the ability to persuade customers, and a special aptitude for captivating everyone.

pay one's last respects show respect toward a deadperson by attending their funeral.
pay one's respects make a polite visit to someone: we went to pay our respects to the head lama.
14. Her claim was that her husband was not guilty of the crime. But as she was rummaging in the attic for a photo album, she found a T-shirt full off blood. She felt completely repelled and devastated by his action. Of course she didn’t defend him at the court and as a consequence the jury returned a verdict of guilty.
15. The vehicles of the future are probably some more enhanced scooters propelled by electric power.
16. He always expresses his feelings expansively; He is always open-eyed waiting for a beautiful woman so as to pay a compliment to her.
17. All this period the team was consistently scoring high in every match; so its cheerleaders were swaying in their team’s song.
18. He grew up in a deprived area, where the proportion of the undernourished children that were close to starvation was alarmingly high.
19. You should be amenable to anything you are asked to do. In addition try not to be diffident if you go to your boss' office; put your money where your mouth is and you have nothing to worry about.
20. If you stay all day long in front of a computer, then this will have deleterious effects on your eyes.
21. The number of people that became insolvent today is almost 1 to 3.
22. She tried to put two and two together, according to his words, but she based her train of thought on spurious information.
23. My friend’s boss asked him back to work; as you can imagine he was delirious with happiness.
24. I put all my eggs in one basket and I had a fight with my boss for being so obstinate; The strange is that he told me that I was right, and he urged me to always say my opinion loud.
25. While I was walking on the street somebody shoved me; as I turned back an extremely tall man dwarfed me and all of my friends were laughing with the comparison of me next to a giant person!
26. All prisons are surrounded by barbed wire, so as to make it difficult for prisoners to escape.
27. Low-paid employees almost always take a few cash rebate from the taxes.
28. He was made responsible for the event. Although everything was organized perfectly his boss punished him just because he had got out of bed on the wrong side.
29.   A: I’m really frustrated that you didn’t come here on time. B: I told you that I was held up. What should I do?
30. When it’s rainy outside and there are thunders and lightings, I always latch on doors, windows etc. because I am really afraid.


  1. Wow, super work once again! I am sure it will be your last one, but I am also confident that you will keep blogging even after you have passed the exams! Won't you? :-)))

  2. Of course I will!!! You can lean on me!!!