Friday, 18 November 2011

Useful sample conversation for the 4th stage of Michigan Practice Test

A: Having agreed that... is the best option, what are the most important points we can mention in our presentation?
B:I'd say one thing we should mention is that.... Don't you agree?
A: Definitely. That has to be one of the important points. We can say it's important because.... That's a good explanation, isn't it?
B:Yes, it is.
A: Why don't we also emphasize that... What do you think?
B: Actually, I think it'd be better to highlight the fact that.... I think that's much more important than...
A: Ok. Let's do that. And we could say that that's important because..... Is that what you'd say?


B: So those are the four reasons. Now how are we going to allocate them?
A: Well, I could present the points about... and..., unless you want to take those.
B: No that's fine. So I'll talk about..and..., . How shall we present these points? I could present two and then you could present two, or we could take the points one at a time and swap over after each one. Which do you prefer?
A: Let's present the reasons in pairs. First you, then me.
B: Ok, that's settled.

(from the book ECPE Challenge)


  1. Don't mention it... We are going to do great in the exam with this fantastic dialog... Hehehe

  2. Wow, super work Helen! Let's also clarify that you can use these expressions during the planning phase of stage 4, right before the presentation. See you all tomorrow guys, I am sure you will pass with flying colours!