Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Inversion, subjunctive, conditionals and other structures

Examples from Grammar(units 5-6) by Izoldy, Anna and Mary.

  1. Sheldom do I meet my friends from Spain.
  2. Mary has suggested we go to the cinema tonight.
  3. Happiness is even more important than money.
  4. I asked her whether or not she wanted a cup of coffee.
  5. My doctor suggested I start exercising.
  6. It is desirable for people not to smoke indoors.
  7. I congratulated him on passing the exams with excellent grade.
  8. Should I go to Italy, I will buy you a gift.
  9. The patient complained to the nurses about their unfriendly behaviour.
  10. Only by exercising hard will you achieve losing wight.
  11. No sooner had I got home than I heard a weird noise from upstairs.
  12. I don't want your help nor do I need it.
  13. Under no circumstances should parents hit their children.
  14. Scarcely had I gotten to John's house when he started crying.
  15. Little did citizens know about the economy of the country.
  16. Such was the excitement she had that she fainted.
  17. There is no way we can win this basketball match because the opponents are amazing players.
  18. The village has got no population.
  19. It is crucial that all citizens pay their taxes.
  20. The headmaster recommends that students not skip their classes.
  21. It's a good idea not drink alcohol while driving.
  22. I asked Billy whether he wanted to come to my party.
  23. Hardly had I reached my bed when I fell asleep.
  24. Barely could I see in the darkness when I found the light.
  25. Never could Alex have written such a letter.
  26. Not only does my mother understand me, but she also supports me in every new step in my life.
  27. Were you to work harder, you would get a promotion.
  28. All you need is love.
  29. No one can cook better than my grandma.

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  1. Just a few corrections in the bold letters. Amazing sentences, nevertheless!