Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Grammar points we should all remember!

have sb do sth
get sb to do sth
make sb do sth
have sth done 
let sb do sth
allow sb to do sth

Future plans 
be going to
present continuous
future continuous

N O    S A S    C O M M C U

Only when she heard his side of the story did she realise how wrong she had been.
No sooner had the accident occurred than I got help.
Hardly\Barely\Scarcely had we gotten to work when our boss asked to see us.
Not only do I not believe you now,but I also think you have never told me the truth.
Little did he realise that he was under police surveillance.
He is not\neither experienced nor does he has the necessary quilifications for such a position.

we use with (and generally prepositions before relative pronouns) with whom and which

as long as
on condition that
only if

if not
Even If
other examples....
If possible
If in doubt
If so
If not
were to
But for
If need be

most of the others
when most means the majority of people we don't use the e.g most people
the most beautiful-> when it is superlative 

a most= formal very
hear\see + bare infinitive

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