Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Discussion slides


The slides we used the other day, guys! You are welcome to take another look and leave a comment here or on the school blog. 


  1. I've learnt many surprising things from these slides about hunger. It is indeed a big problem globally, and it is responsible for many deaths. The solution is difficult, but not unreachable; as long as the crisis ends, many people all over the world will make ends meet. I was mostly surprised by the truth about genetically modified food, which is that not only does it harm our health, but it can cause a massive problem to the environment too, and the latter cannot recover easily.Generally, man must not mess with nature because there is the danger of tipping the balance.

  2. In a modern world like ours, one whould expect none to be hungry or be worried for where to sleep for that matters. Althought in our 'modern' society there are about a billion hungry people and thousands who die due to lack of a nutritious meal.
    Studies have been made in order to solve this pressing problem by creating genetically modified food. But in many countries the whole idea of GM food comes in contrast to their beliefs.
    It may seems that there is no obvious or easy way to solve this, one of the world's most serious problems, but it is all about getting people informed about it.

  3. Hunger is a very important problem all around the world.One reason about hunger is poverty around 1.4 million people around the world live below the internatioal poverty line earning less than $1,25 a day,most of these people live in Asian and African countries.What i was surprised mostly with is that 947 people in the developing world are undernourished and that 16,000 children die from hunger related causes every five seconds which makes me think that we could possibly help them as sometimes we have more than enough food in contrast to them who have nothing to eat.Last but not least all hunger problems like undernourishment can negatively affect those people's health.I hope one day one person will find a solution for all the problems of these miserable people

  4. It was a very successful project. While I was reading it I understood to appreciate everything from my parents provided such us food, clothing accommodation etc. Hunger is an important problem with which many countries in the world are dealing.Every five seconds one child dies from hunger.In essence,hunger is the most extreme from poverty,where individual or families cannot afford to meet their dasic need of food.

  5. In fact hunger and poverty are two of the most serious problems all over the world.Especially they are interrilated,hunger is the most extreme form of poverty,in other words families cannot afford their basic needs for food and there is nowere to turn for help .They suffer from undernourisment which have negative affects on people's health.On the other hand there are some solutions to this extremely tough problem.For instance we can create jobs for them,offering a satisfying salary ..