Saturday, 11 May 2013

Distance Learning

In the old times an educated person was considered to be someone not only out of the ordinary, but also needed to be rich as well. Thankfully, years have passed since then and education is now widely available to a large percentage of us around the globe. Although However/ Nonetheless, many were kept away from their studies partly because of the distance, but mainly because of the time needed to acquire a university degree. So/ Therefore, during the last few years a new form of education has manifested itself/ appear been presented. And ever since the distance learning has been the subject of many heated arguments/ debate.

Many praise the idea of distance learning since it gives the opportunity of an education to someone, who would otherwise be unable to gain it. Distance learning makes it possible for someone to attend a university course, even if it is located in another continent. In this way/ Thus/ Hence, someone will not have to relocate or spend thousands/ a fortune on commutes, rent and various bills just to get (educated) an additional degree. Yet another advantage of this particular kind of learning is the flexible timetable that allows anyone on the fly to attend their desired course by simply arranging their class schedule on their own and not having to subdue to a demanding and uncomfortable one. Additionally, in this way one can acquire useful computer skills and get familiar ized with modern technology, something that is increasingly asked for in a nowadays the modern workplace.

On the other hand, distance learning is a new form of education that not only is not fully tested, but also has a many serious confinements. By enrolling in a program like this, one must know the kind of experiences that will be missed out and would otherwise be part of regular face-to-face education. Firstly, in distance learning one does not have the opportunity to interact in real time with their tutor or their classmates (for that matter). In this way (do not repeat!) a huge part of learning is left out: the part where people get to discuss not only (repetition!) what they do not understand but also their concerns and beliefs. By that/ Consequently/ As a consequence, a huge part of interpersonal relationships is sacrificed in the name of web cameras, emails and virtual chat rooms missed. Furthermore, it is much more possible for someone to (opt out of a class) drop out/ quit making an effort and, as the lack of immediate interaction may cause for someone to lose sight of their actual goal, which is to enrich their your knowledge and acquire a degree.

It In a society where we claim to have fully embraced every technological achievement, there is still the taboo of being educated through the Internet. Personally, I believe that distance learning offers a vast potential to learners (has thousands possibilities), but as always time must pass before it is fully (socially?) accepted.


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