Friday, 26 July 2013

Hotel Transylvania


  1. In the film hotel transylvania monsters dreaded people and they thought that people would treat them cruelly and inhumane as a result Dracula built a castle in which only monsters could have access. He also deceived his daughter as to stay away from people. However a young man found out that place by chance, when the monsters first met him they believed he was one of their kind.While the monsters realized that he was a human they got surprised and they changed their minds, they stopped the prejudices against human.An extraoridinary and strange part of the movie is that Dracula's daughter and the young man fell in love.
    I reckon that being prejudiced against different people is rational if we dont know anything for them. Nevertheless if we come in contact with different people it's abnormal to be afraid and scared of them.

    1. Hello Herc, great comment! I re-published it here:

  2. The difference in the film is demonstrated by making monsters afraid of humans and not the other way around.The part that took us all by surprise was when Dracula not only approved, but did his best to bring Dracula's daughter and the young man back together, overcoming his prejudice against humans.In my viewpoint, being prejudiced against the unusual either is justified or it isn't, it all comes down to the up-brought of the individual and the living conditions he has gone through.