Saturday, 17 August 2013


Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to turn to a vegetarian diet. Recent researches show that vegetarianism is healthier diet. This alternative diet is more popular with the youngsters. Although there are some benefits to being a vegetarian, there are also some serious drawbacks. So which diet is the best for us?

Vegetarianism helps us to reduce the possibilities of cancer and other serious health problems. This happens because this diet does not include any meat, so there are no saturated fats, which may cause heart attack. As a result of this diet, the levels of cholesterol  are lower. In addition, this alternative choice combines a lot of different kinds of food like pulses, dairy products etc. Most importantly, it helps us keep fit combined with the proper bodily activity and be healthy.

On the other hand, this diet sometimes can be exhausting, especially when someone is a vegan, which means that they do not eat meat and anything produced by animals. This can be extremely harmful to our health. Moreover, when a vegetarian is not at home, it is really hard for them to find vegetarian dishes in restaurants. Last but not least, it is not easy to prepare a vegetarian meal because should be combined lot of different kind of foods in order to takethe suitable proteins the body needs.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that we ought not to eat only vegetables, fruits and pulses and avoid eating meat and animals products because every food gives us something unique and special and it is not easy to fill this gap which is created by not consuming the right nutrients. Therefore, in my opinion, the best for us is to have an all-inclusive diet, but in moderation.

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