Thursday, 12 September 2013

How can we tackle the economic crisis that torments our country?

The economic crisis which torments our country will be tackled only if the citizens of Greece become active.Greek citizens have to admit that voting politicians who are irresponsible , unreliable and useless in   taking decisions which will promote development  , will lead the country to bankruptcy. Greece has suffered enough!!! It is time for the greeks to defend their rights and put an end to this once and for all . The economic crisis came to Greece in 2001  when the Euro replaced the Drachma and Greece entered the Eurozone .Since then the debt of the country increased.In order to stop the growth of the debt Greece has to exit from the Eurozone and turn back to Drachma as Greece owes more money to the Eurozone .Furthermore, to accomplish this , a referentum needs to be provided in order to decide the fate of the Euro.Greeks are  proud people and only if they open their minds  and fight for the good of their country, they will tackle the economic crisis once and for all.

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