Sunday, 29 September 2013

Should goverments interfere in issues like global warming or not?

It is said that some people believe that global warming will be tackled if goverments take strong measures to control the situation , while others insist that goverments should not interfere  in the everyday lives of people no mattter what the reason is.
  As I see it , global warming is caused by human interaction as more and more people leave their electrical appliances on standy, consume more energy than is needed and use means of transport such as buses or taxis which release carbon dioxide (CO2) in their exhasust fumes which later goes into the atmosphere.It has to be mentioned that carbon dioxide is more commonly produced in industries and factories where tons of carbon dioxide is released every year.
   In my point of view,goverments should interfere in a matter like this . They should offer financial incentives, for instance, force factories and industries to pay a hefty tax for every tone of CO2 they produce, raise the taxes of electricity in order to motivate consumers to consume lessand persuade manufacturers of electrical appliances , cars etc to make them more energy efficient. Furthermore ,apart from goverments , people should also take action. For example; Start a campaign which will motivate people to alter their behavior, turn the thermostat down and wear warmer clothes indoors in the winter  and will also show them the importance of global warming.
  Taking all things into consideration, the obvious conclusion tha can be drawn is that global warming is an issue that concerns all of us and we have to do whatever we can in orded to alleviate the situation. Adopting a green conscience will not only be benefitial  for the envirotment , it will also amelliorate our lifestyle.

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