Friday, 1 November 2013

The Tell -Tale heart

The protagonist of the story is a young servant who looks after an old sick man. The narrator has sensitive senses, which makes him claim that he is not a madman.It is obvious that the young servant does not really get on well with the old man as he hates his pale blue eye which he thinks that it looks at him every time he visits  the old man's chamber  .The young servant decides to eradicate  the old man in order to get rid of him and his pale blue eye.The obvious conclusion that can be drawn is that  sometimes jealousy and  suspicions can lead us to commit murder .

  Edgar Allan Poe was a writer who has  inspired others to write stories with suspense and with distinctive writing. The story amazed me as it has all the features that make a story tremendous and exciting . 

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  1. Well done George for reading the story and commenting on it so beautifully!