Sunday, 26 January 2014

Do we need to learn foreign languages?

It is said that learning foreign languages helps people to broaden their horizons.Others say that everyone  will have  to learn   at least a foreign language as globalisation plays a major role .But if we take a closer look in this topic , we will realise that there are both positive and negative aspects to consider.

   On one hand, lots of students leave their countries to complete  their studies or to find a job.Studying in abroad  means that you will have to be an owner of  a foreign language certificate as you will have to study books which are written in a different language than yours. Simultaneously,you also become more familiar with the language and the culture of the country you  study in. Another significant advantage of studying foreign languages is that helps lots of people to find a job.For instance, a man named Sam Chewkas opened the first  Greek bookstore in New York .Despite the fact that Sam Chewkas is Nigerian,  his love for the Greek language has made him to open a bookshop which provides to students who want to complete their studies a  huge amount of  books which include ancient and modern  literature and history and biographies which are written in Greek and English .

   On the other hand, learning a foreign language has also its drawbacks .Sometimes to accomplish a foreign language course,you will have to devote a lot of time studying the language and also to forget your native language.Moreover, lots of youngsters who study foreign languages they try to combine foreign words with words which belong to their native language and unfortunately the ministries of education cannot do anything to prevent it .

    Considering both sides, the obvious conclusion that we could reach is that learning a foreign language provides you a kind of knowledge that can be  characterised as a privilege  but we should not also forget that native language comes first .

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  1. It is a privilege, indeed, George! Well done, amazing blogger!