Thursday, 29 May 2014

CPE Formal Letter by Alex

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently read your survey on young people's television viewing haBits and I was glad THAT such a social issue is given the proper attention by your programme. I am writing in response to your request for people's opinion on the subject.

Viewing habbits can be attributed to many factors but not all of them WEIGH equal. As strange as it may sound, i think that the main cause of this habbit is related TO the modern way of life in big cities. For example, leaving in a big city restricts the variety of activities available to young people. Walking around in a big city is not as safe as in a small town or a village. Therefore, most parents tend to keep their children inside the house for MOST hours of the day. Moreover, most activities include a significant cost for participation that some families cannot afford. 

It is extremely alarming that most of the parents are not concerned with this problem or they don't even recognize this habbit as a problem. Spending hours and hours in front of a screen makeS children develop an anti-social behaviour. What is more, they don't exercise their imagination (like when reading a book) or their critical thought/ THINKING SKILLS  (like when playing, discussing and socializing in general). Last but not least, this behaviour can cause health problems. Their eyes, back and wrists are the USUAL victims, not to mention that many children that spend so many hours sitting on a chair or lounging on a sofa tend to be A little or more overwEight.

There are many steps than can be taken in the direction of addressing such a social phenomenon. Parents should play the main role. First of all, they can control the number of hours and the parts of the day that children have access to the TV or to the computer. Secondly, they provide (NO TO) their children WITH the appropriate stimulations for alternative hobbies and activities. Another important factor in young people's behaviour is school influence. Well educated teachers can sometimes affect strongly the way that their pupils think. 

All in all, what i can say for sure is that the viewing habbits of young people are, at least partly, caused by a significant lack of guidance in their life. Parents, school and maybe even the government should be motivated and take actions before it's too late. Young people should realize that real life is out there and waiting for them.

Yours faithfully,
Alexandros Gougousis

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