Thursday, 5 June 2014

CPE Letter by Alex

Dear Sir/Madam, (leave gaps/ empty lines between paragraphs to facilitate the reader's eye)

I was very interested in your article about friendship that you have published in a recent issue of your magazine. In response to your inquiry for readers' opinions and views,  I would like to contribute to this subject. 

As we all know,  friendship plays an important role in everybody's life - both private and public - in many ways. But the definition of this word can greatly vary from case to case. Real friendship does not happen just by clicking the "Add to Friends" button in Facebook.  Real friendship is a long and complicated procedure that lasts for years and has to be reevaluated from time to time. Of course, before someone can speak about such a relationship he has to have experienced it. 

For example, I have such a close friend named Costas. We have known each other from school. Although we had quite different personalities, we shared a common sense of humor, many common (do not repeat words/ better omit them) interests and we lived in the same neighbourhood. But that was just back then. Since then we have shared many moments, either funny or sad. For the last ten years we have lived over a thousand miles apart and we see each other only once a year. We don't even talk more often that once in 2 months. But every time we see each other it's like we haven't met just for a few days.

The truth is that's is not easy to have a time-tested friendship. Many things may happen that can affect the relationship with a good friend. Many friendships have fallen apart due to a minor misunderstanding or a girl that got between two friends. Moreover, one of the two sides may happen to move to another town and, (comma) as it well known, it is easier to forget about someone that you don't see regularly. 

Another important factor that can influence a relationship between two friends is a change in the social status. This change can make someone change habits, the way that he thinks, the people that he is surrounded with and many other things (instead of saying he, use they that includes both sexes or generalize by using people/ individuals/ etc). Inevitably, what comes as a result is the reconsideration of some friendships in order to keep the ones that are most suited to your new status and social environment. 

In conclusion,  I can say that from my point of view a strong friendship is something that should not be undervalued. The odds are most of the times stacked against such a friendship and that's what makes it both rare and precious. it's like an investment with a long-term profit.

Yours (no comma) faithfully,
Alexandros Gougousis

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