Sunday, 24 August 2014

Vocabulary calendar volume 1

  • The verdict of the trial condemned the criminal into a solitary confinement sentence, since the victim’s lawyer laid to rest the offender’s allegations
  • The abrupt heavy rain inundated the residential area; thus, the residents were prompted to leave their homes.
  • The  proponents of the Greek nazi party, congregated with other hooligans and came into conflict with the (peaceful) indignant protesters who were clamoring for the economic al austerity.
  • When the weather is windy, airborne dust comes from Africa.
  • The primary goal of the new government is to enhance the youth potentials for employability.
  • Oh God! I hate fish broth.
  • The firecrackers are very common during the Easter days in Greece.
  • Cretan farmers’ array of weapons exceeds the army’s ammunition.
  • She has been doing ballet for many years, that’s why she is so pliable.
  • He is a downright Golden Dawn proponent , since he can’t stand foreigners. (he is a downright racist)
  • There are so many victims of the financial crash, for instance Peter has been down and out for five years. 
  • His sister has perished in the prominent* plane accident, although he will cherish her in his mind.
  • Frans used to work for the stazi, and was executed because he divulged some confidential information.
  • The prominent anarchist proponent refuted the prevalent belief and didn’t adhere d to the law.
  • She could easily assimilate all this marketing related knowledge, thus it was imminent that she would become an accomplished entrepreneur.
  • The teacher spoke/ revealed concisely and downright to the parents of the misfit student that he consistently avert** avoids (?) his peers, always has a vacant expression and wriggles out of doing his homework.
* prominent |ˈprämənənt|adjectiveimportantfamous: she was a prominent member of the city council.projecting from somethingprotuberant: a man with big, prominent eyes like a lobster's.• situated so as to catch the attentionnoticeable: the new housing developments are prominent landmarks.
**avert |əˈvərt|verb [ with obj. ]turn away (one's eyes or thoughts): she averted her eyes during the more violent scenes.prevent or ward off (an undesirable occurrence): talks failed to avert a rail strike.

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  1. Well done Manolis! That was an amazing effort! I can see that you have been studying vocabulary hard and you are constantly trying to combine the new words in the sentences. That's the spirit! Keep it up; you have set an excellent example for your younger classmates! :-)