Thursday, 9 July 2015

~Implanted Microchips: A substitute for ID cards~

 Nowadays, technology is rapidly developing and many gadgets have been invented to help us with with our everyday lives and make things less complicated. One highly controversial issue is the implanted microchips, which as you may have already understood, are implanted under our skin and might replace traditional ID cards. They obtain access to everything that has to do with us, such as determining our location, to name but a few. However, how safe is it to have such a thing in our bodies that will record even our body temperature and it will probably not be the only device able to be aware of such important things? There are two sides to consider.
 To begin with, proponents of incorporated claim that microchips seem to be life-savers. Firstly, they are more convenient that ID cards. For example, when you want to gain access to public services, but you have forgotten your identification card, everything is in vain. Admittedly, they are right when reckoning that, because only if ID cards are abolished, will we not be anxious about having forgotten them. Another advantage of implanted microchips is that by the use of them, it will be harder for people to commit fraud, such as using fake ID to withdraw money. 
 Detractors of incorporated microchips believe that these are exceedingly dangerous. To start with, a spokesperson for the NO2ID campaign said that by monitoring people with RFIDs means treating people like livestock or industrial goods, thereby breaching the right to dignity and privacy they have as human beings. Personally, I definitely agree with him, and I maintain that it is essential people protect their personal indormation and not let others violate it. As far as crime is concerned, it can be argued that in fact, it is not immensly difficult for criminals to use concealed scanners an a crowded underground train, so as to retreive information on people's chips. It would be then a matter of time for them to write their own chip and begin pretending to be you. Last but not least, thing about the consitution we live in today, democracy. Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever and I recommend that we should not take it for granted. Dictatorship might arise one day in the future. Therefore, the dictatowill be delighted that everyone has a chip and all the details are kept on a central computer. If we consider that fact carefully, we will realize that it is a downright violation of our private life.
 After weighing everything, it is obvious that the pros are outweighed by the cons. On no account should we let other people be our shadows or identify us by a serial number. Implanted microchips which tap us, shouls not be a part of our lives.

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